Urban Seed – For innovation, for smart city

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Urban Seed –
For innovation, for smart city

Urban Seed is a live sharing platform where the innovation can be produced based on urban challenges and citizens’ needs. It is going to promote data-led, and people-centred innovation. To connect people with technology, dealing with the urban challenge in multi-cooperation process. It offers live streaming filters constantly being update with fresh citizens’ needs, related policy support, knowledge support, related sponsors and innovations, which can inspire the talents. By creating crowdsource data sharing, personalised feed, strong-linked information map and live communication platform, it will motivate and support the talents in a stronger way. It is not a not only an information sharing platform, but a community where the talents can be involved into a bottom-up innovation with all related supports.

MA2 – Team 10

Shutong Guo
Xinru Zheng


Tell us what the concept is about. What are you designing? What are the key benefits?

We are going to create a live platform that is able to motivates and engage young talent in urban innovation deeply and persistently by connecting them with citizens, local government, knowledge institutions and local business in a dynamic innovation platform, meanwhile reinventing the social capital to promote talent-friendly city initiative.


Tell us some of the key findings of your background research and what is the problem you are trying to address.

Innovation is a significant issue in urban development. Attracting and connecting talents to promote innovation are becoming key strategies and trend across the world. The innovation strategies promote the migration trend of talent. However, due to lacking of support, the innovations seem difficult and complicated.

We conclude two main reasons of this problem in talent vision and smart city vision.

With talents vision, we found that there are four main barriers stop them achieve their innovation:
1. It’s hard to connect with citizens(customers) and understand their needs and characters;
2. Don’t know the specific policies and government departments, as well as getting related policy support;
3. Huge gap between my ideas and market needs and sponsors’ strategies;
4. Lack information of knowledge communication and professional support.

Although we find multiple support agencies but they are really not connected with each other.

With smart city vision, there are four flaws influence young talents innovation. Smart city usually start with technology rather than urban challenges, the agencies lack of awareness of how others are trying to improve city. Insufficient use or generation of evidence, and little role for citizen engagement are also the key problems.


Tell us something about your users and key stakeholders involved.

We design for the young talents who have strong ambition to start innovation but lack of support from public, government, sponsors and knowledge institution. The role of talents is becoming increasingly important due to their high level of productivity, rich knowledge and skills. Besides, the diverse cultures, experiences and personalities as well as the huge potential and innovation opportunities. We are going to connect talents with all the citizens, government, sponsors and knowledge institution.


Give us an idea of the future scenario where your project will be working. 

In around 2022, the innovation will be collective intelligence which is strongly supported by all stakeholders. We make it easy to engage the citizens to discover and express their needs. Based on the AI and Data analysis, we structure the information map continuingly developing with the engagement of citizens, related talents, government, sponsors, and knowledge institutions. And by offering a channel for talents to present their idea to public and talents group, it can promote collective intelligence in urban innovation. Live communication and upgrading information will encourage the talent to think and structure the innovation in city vision.


Tell us if you have thought of a specific location where to prototype.

Our project is located in Hangzhou, a smart city China’s Top Ten Smart Cities and Global Top Hundred International Conference Designation Cities, where the information economy contributes over 50% to the city’s GDP growth and the tertiary industry’s ratio is at 62.6%. As a new technology and information-based city, it attracts hundreds and thousands of talents migrating here for its friendly political environment, active information economy and high development of technology. Besides, due to broad popularization of AI and high technologies, citizens’ lifestyle and thoughts have been gradually reshaped. They have more open attitudes towards AI and strong adaptive capacity of smart life. And they become more active in imagining and experimenting the future life with high aspiration and enthusiasm.


Give us an idea of your strategy, your process, your prototyping plan and the next steps.

Our strategy is Urban Seed, a live platform that engages skilled and creative talents and citizens who have problems or higher aspiration towards urban life based on their life experiences.

We have 4 steps in our process:

1. Involving
To involve all the citizens to speak out their real needs in an easy and convenient way with technology.

2. Generating
To generating citizens’ needs for urban challenges with strong-linked information, including related policy information, knowledge events, sponsor strategy.

3. Connecting
To connect the Urban challenges with related talents and offer a channel of tracking and responding to public engagement.

4. Supporting
To support innovation by encouraging dynamic communication, live feedback and crowdfunding.

Involving process
We are going to attract the citizens to be a number of seeders and sign up with selecting their interesting topics in life. It will make it easier for them to find their groups with similar interests. Once being a seeder, they can have an easy and convenient way to post their needs in public. Shooting and give a short caption, then find the related topic, chose labels and give a location. They can post all their life aspiration and needs anytime and anywhere.

Generating process
We are going to generate the information map based on their needs. By using AI analysis of linking key words, image and locations, we are going to generate basic needs to urban challenge with related government policy, sponsors’ strategy and knowledge support information.
Based on the massive information in Hangzhou, we are going to collect and classify the information from government department, local business and sponsors, college and knowledge institutions, meanwhile engaging the related groups With all related information linked, the needs might be generated to the primary urban challenge as well. It will be published on app as seeds. We will offer an information map with policy information, sponsors strategy and knowledge support information as well as the related active talents. In the map we can see the general condition based on city space- the specific condition in different location. Understanding the policy environment, knowledge events, sponsors news and popular innovation.

Connecting process
We will connect the breeders-talents with the personalized feeds that are selected specifically for them. To help the seeds to find the breeders, we use AI to analyze and match them. Based on their interests, background, visiting history, offering the related seeds stories and related innovation to related talentsAlso we will connect them with strong-linked information. By using a collection tool, they can structure and collect the useful information for preparing their innovation and tracking their process in preparation.

Supporting process
The talents will be supported by the live communication with the citizens, and other talents. Besides, they can see the live engagement condition via the engagement map. In addition, we will create a community where their innovation can be classified with content and topic, meanwhile, getting government, sponsors and knowledge institutions’ feedback and get crowdfunding.

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