About the Alpha + RCA Studio

Alpha Health believes that by bringing together cutting-edge knowledge and research on neuroscience, psychology, machine learning, design and business, they can create innovative solutions to help people make better personal decisions to achieve the goals that are important to them, impacting their happiness, health and wellbeing and therefore radically reducing the burden of chronic disease globally.

Their approach is to focus on services that supported by the possibilities of AI, can help people discover and understand the levers of their own happiness so to increase the agency they have upon their choices, enabling them to make healthier decisions and therefore live a healthier and happier life.

Under this general strategy, Alpha Health has partner with RCA Service Design to expand and enrich their vision by exploring problems, envisioning services and prototyping experiences that can help people improve the agency they have upon their lives so they can be healthier and happier; using design to unpack scientific and technological assumptions into human experienceable scenarios in order to discover the sweet spot between what is needed and desirable, technical feasibility & commercial viability.

This research partnership, led by RCA Service Design Faculty, serves as the context of two studio projects of the RCA Service Design MA under the question:

How might we help people improve and balance the agency they have (or could have) upon their lives so they can be healthier and happier?

For the second year students (MA2), the project ran during 10 weeks with a focus on those younger generations who are learning to understand and wield their own agency at a time of big changes. People between 16 to 24-year old that struggle to find a proper balance of their work with their personal aspirations while transitioning from school to tertiary education and then to work.

  • How might we help them improve the agency they have over their lives so they can be healthier and happier?
  • How might we support, empower and inspire them to successfully navigate life’s transitions and achieve their personal goals?

For the first years (MA1), the project ran during 6 weeks with the goal of expanding our understanding of what design and others can or may do in 10 years time to shape how we understand ourselves, our agency and our everyday actions.

  • How might we know: who we are, what we should do and how our decisions are influenced in order to increase the potency of our agency?
  • How might we deal with external actors that will intervene in a way that decreases the potency of our agency?

The service propositions presented in this website, are part of a selection process for further development. After watching all the videos, reading the submissions and checking the posters, we selected six projects from MA2 and two projects from MA1 that will have the opportunity of pitching in Barcelona to the whole Alpha team. These projects are under the category “shortlisted”.

After the pitch, we will select 3 projects from MA2 and 1 from MA1 for further development.

RCA Research Team

  • Dr. Nick de Leon – Principal Investigator – Head of Service Design
  • Nicolás Rebolledo – Senior Research Lead & Project Manager
  • John Makepeace – Research Associate
  • JPaul Neeley – Research Associate
  • Mattia Gobbo – Service Designer
  • Service Design Interns 2018: Tim Worms, Natalia Kristali