Opti – Engage and Grow

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Opti –
Engage and Grow

For Telefónica who has to manage a large number of employees, Opti is an integrated talent management and engagement platform that would give their employees agency over their careers. Unlike IBM Watson, Opti promotes growth through human interactions, experiences and education.

MA1 – Team 8

Andrew Seetoh
Hyejin Lee
Rong Hua


Tell us what the concept is about. What are you designing? What are the key benefits?

An integrated talent management and engagement platform that would nurture and coach and employees within Telefónica and eventually its subsidiaries, thus retaining and enabling them to adapt to the future needs of the workplace.


Tell us some of the key findings of your background research and what is the problem you are trying to address.

Employees are most likely to change their careers within 18 months of employment. It is takes money and time to find a new employee. 85% of future jobs do not exist now. What if within an organisation we could have a higher retention rate by keeping employees engaged and giving them agency for growth.


Tell us something about your users and key stakeholders involved.

Every employee is a primary user. Secondary stakeholders would be educational partners and industry experts.


Give us an idea of the future scenario where your project will be working. 

We expect by 2022 most of Telefónica’s employees would be using the system, after rigorous testing of features and analysis from the early adopters of Opti.


Tell us if you have thought of a specific location where to prototype.

With Telefónica.


Give us an idea of your strategy, your process, your prototyping plan and the next steps.

We begin with a small pilot of users, and through workshops and interviews we build key features. After a year, we would start increasing the users. In the background we build the system, through A/B testing, analysing data and feedback we can optimise what their needs for the system.

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